Saudi Arabia beheads Pakistani man over drugs

Saudi Arabia beheads Pakistani man over drugs
Sun Dec 8, 2013 21:09:58

Saudi authorities have beheaded a Pakistani man after he was convicted of smuggling drugs into the US-backed Persian Gulf kingdom.

The beheading of the man, identified as Mohammed Zayer Khan Qol, was announced by the kingdom’s interior ministry on Sunday.

The ministry further alleged that Qol was arrested while "smuggling a large amount of heroin" into the Wahhabi kingdom.

The beheading of the Pakistani man brings to 73 the number of such executions carried out by the despotic Saudi regime this year, according to press accounts.

The Western-backed Saudi monarchy carried out 76 executions in 2012, according to a tally based on official figures.

Rape, murder, apostasy, armed robbery, drug trafficking, sorcery and witchcraft are all punishable by death in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, although members of its royal family have widely been reported to have gotten away with such offenses.


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