80 percent of Israelis say peace impossible

80 percent of Israelis say peace impossible
Fri Aug 16, 2013 18:41:00

Nearly 80 percent of Israel’s Jewish population believe a peace deal with the Palestinians is impossible, an opinion poll said.

Asked whether “a final agreement” would be reached “that will put an end to the conflict,” 79.7 percent of respondents said no, and only 6.2 percent said yes.

The poll, released Friday, was carried out by Israeli research institute Hagal Hahadash among a representative sample of 500 people, AFP reported.

Of all respondents, 77.5 percent said they opposed the Israeli government's decision to release Palestinian prisoners alongside the alleged peace talks.

Just 14.2 percent said they were in favor of the prisoner release.

Regardless of Israeli approvals last week of thousands more illegal settlement units in the West Bank including al Quds, the acting Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has decided to go ahead with the US-brokered talks with Israeli officials.

But, many Palestinians insist that Abbas must stick to his previous condition of a complete settlement freeze.

According to observers, the Israeli decision to approve the construction of about 3,000 settlement units ahead of talks proves that Tel Aviv does not intend on pulling out of its expansionist agenda which are deemed illegal under the international law.

Abbas’ decision to resume negotiations without any conditions or framework is seen as a unilateral move and against the national consensus.

The move has already been condemned by Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and many PLO factions.


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