Army regains strategic district near Damascus

Army regains strategic district near Damascus
Thu Aug 15, 2013 12:26:19

The Syrian Army has gained control of a strategic district in the suburb of the capital Damascus following heavy clashes with foreign backed militant groups.

According to Al-Alam, the army troops units have attacked the stronghold of militants in the strategic neighborhood of al-Tazamen, killing many of the militants and forcing many others out of the town.

Al-Tazamen neighborhood is located near Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp and most western backed media are covering the related news subjectively to show that militant groups have the thorough control over the area.

The Al-Alam correspondent witnessed the overall liberation of key bastions previously controlled by al-Qaida-linked al-Nusra Front.

“The security situation has promoted and normal life is underway in the town under the presence of Syrian security forces in the area,” a witness told Al-Alam reporter.

According to reports, only ten percent of the area has remained under militant groups’ control yet.

The town turned into a field for street fighting after an army unit noticed a group of militants who were trying to enter the area and then the city of Damascus.

The militants have damaged buildings and stores and desecrated the mosque of the town.

By controlling this area, the army maintains a security belt that prevents armed men from entering the capital.


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