Iran condemns use of force in Egypt

Iran condemns use of force in Egypt
Wed Aug 14, 2013 17:59:48

The Iranian Foreign Ministry in a statement on Wednesday condemned the use of force and massacre of people in Egypt, and called on all involved parties to practice self-restraint and adopt peaceful approaches, Fars news agency reports.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran's Foreign Ministry follows the bitter and regrettable events in Egypt thoroughly and voices its deep concern about the grave consequences of such events, while it also condemns violent behaviors and killing of the people," the statement said.

"The (Iranian) Foreign Ministry invites all involved groups to self-restraint, warns of the grave and dangerous consequences of the present trend, taking into account the current crises in the region, and underlines the necessity for the immediate cessation of this trend," it added.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry warned that in case the present trend of events continues in Egypt, the Zionist enemy, extremist groups and the world arrogant powers' hirelings will take advantage of the occasion and place obstacles in the way of the development and progress of Egypt by derailing the Egyptian people's revolution.

Egyptian troops staged a crackdown on protesters that turned deadly Wednesday morning in efforts to clear two antigovernment sit-ins in Cairo, a development that observers worry could plunge the already divided country further into uncontrollable violence.

Dozens of Egyptian protesters were reported killed in clashes after security forces moved in to forcefully disperse protesters loyal to ousted President Mohammad Morsi at protest camps in Cairo early Wednesday.

Egypt plunged into violence after the country’s army ousted Morsi, a senior leader of Muslim Brotherhood party, suspended the constitution, and dissolved the parliament on July 3. The military overthrow followed days of mass protests against Morsi.


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