Israel, Saudi Arabia ink deal to arm Syria militants

Israel, Saudi Arabia ink deal to arm Syria militants
Thu Jul 25, 2013 12:39:15

Israeli regime has concluded an agreement with Saudi Arabia to pave the ground to supply required weapons to foreign backed militant groups in Syria, Israeli Radio reports.

According to report, Saudi Arabia has already accepted to provide financial resources required to purchase Israeli army old weaponries to be delivered to the militant groups fighting against Syria government.

According to the agreement, it was decided that Saudi Arabia covers a fund of at least 50 million USD to enter negotiations with Israeli army over the immediate delivery of weapons.

The report cited unnamed Israeli regime security sources as saying that Israel has accepted to deliver weapons including tanks and heavy artillery, machine guns, anti-tank missiles, ammunitions, communication devices as well as light war vehicles.

The sources also added that the delivery of such equipment to the militant groups will pose no risk to Israel as all the weaponries are belonging to old generation.

According to repot, Turkey and Jordan have already announced their acceptance to transfer the weapons through their border lines to Syria.

The European Union failed to extend an arms embargo on Syria back in May, effectively giving the green light to individual governments, including Saudi Arabia, London and Tel Aviv to send arms to Syrian militants.

The EU also gave the go-ahead to the European banks to help the Syrian militants by opening branches and accounts there.

This comes as, the Financial Times revealed earlier that Qatar has funneled billions of dollars to Syrian terrorists over the past two years in an attempt to overthrow the Syrian government.

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