Bahrain regime keeps raiding protesters' homes

Bahrain regime keeps raiding protesters' homes
Fri Jul 19, 2013 10:58:06

Bahrain ruling regime continues daily attacks on citizens in their homes during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, arresting several people in each raid.

On Thursday, Bahraini security forces, backed by military choppers and masked men, raided several houses in the western villages of Karzakkan and Al Malikiya.

The regime has not stopped its crackdown on anti-government activists, though it has arrested key opposition figures, and it has recently stepped up its attacks on people’s homes.

Bahrain is in the middle of a popular uprising that erupted in mid-February 2011 in the small Persian Gulf island nation, with demonstrators calling for democratic reforms.

The Manama regime promptly launched a brutal crackdown on the peaceful protests and called in Saudi-led Arab forces from neighboring states to help them silent the protests.

Dozens of people have been killed in the crackdown, and the security forces have arrested hundreds, including doctors and nurses.

Weekly protests are held around Manama after each Friday prayer with thousands of people pouring to the streets to demand release of political prisoners.

A report published by the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry in November 2011 found that the Al Khalifa regime had used excessive force in the crackdown and accused Manama of torturing political activists, politicians, and protesters.

Bahrainis say they will continue holding demonstrations until their demand for the establishment of a democratically elected government is met.


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