Iran rejects Bahraini regime’s “drone” claim

Iran rejects Bahraini regime’s “drone” claim
Fri May 24, 2013 19:21:09

Iran has rejected as “baseless” claims that one of its drones had violated the airspace of Bahrain, home to the U.S. Navy's Fifth Fleet, Iranian media reported.

Bahraini Information Minister Samira Rajab claimed on Thursday that an unmanned spy drone was found in the Persian Gulf waters between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

In a report carried by Iran's official IRNA news agency, an unnamed official at the Foreign Ministry rejected claims that an Iranian drone had violated the Persian Gulf kingdom's airspace.

The official urged Bahraini rulers to pay attention to the demands of their people and stop making false accusations, IRNA said.

The al-Khalifa regime of Bahrain has been brutally suppressing peaceful calls for change in the country by deploying Saudi troops to streets in villages and towns since February 2011 when protests erupted against the ruling family’s corrupt lifestyle and oppression.

Instead of responding to a Shi'ite Muslim majority in the tiny Persian Gulf island nation, the corrupt ruling family has employed various means of torture from its western and regional allies to suffocate activists and human rights supporters.

It has also continued to blame other countries, Iran in particular, for its own mismanagement and corrupt way of governing.

This is while that Samira Rajab failed to provide any details on the type or condition of the aircraft or how it got there, only accusing the Islamic Republic of Iran of meddling.

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