Iran Intelligence Ministry busts 2 terrorist teams

Iran Intelligence Ministry busts 2 terrorist teams
Mon May 20, 2013 22:41:49

Iranian security forces have identified and busted two terrorist teams attempting to smuggle weapons into the country, Intelligence Ministry has said.

“As the occasion for presidential election approaches, the security forces had predicted certain terrorist operations may be masterminded for the momentous occasion of national decision making, so the personnel of the ministry were prepared to thwart cross-border terrorist movements beforehand,” the Ministry said in a statement on Monday.


The statement added that the Iranian intelligence and security forces were closely monitoring the border areas to unravel possible organized crimes or terrorist operations.


The two terrorist teams had attempted to smuggle firearms and light weapons via western and eastern borders to attain their sinister goals but to no avail, the statement added.


A large number of pistols and grenades were also busted by the security forces from the two terrorist teams in the provinces of Kermanshah and Sistan-Baluchestan, said the statement.