Syria holy tomb raiders seek Muslims’ rift

Syria holy tomb raiders seek Muslims’ rift
Sat May 4, 2013 21:58:34

A senior Lebanese politician says the main aim behind exhumation of Hujr Ibn Adi’s grave in Syria is to sow discord among Muslims.

In an interview with Al-Alam, the Head of Lebanese Qolona wal-Amal (Say and Deed) Society Sheikh Ahmed al-Qattan said the extremist groups in Syria are seeking to ignite religious and tribal clashes among Muslims through such savage acts.

“This heinous act revealed that these extremist groups are not looking for freedom and democracy, rather they are seeking to cause a split between Muslims in Syria,” al-Qattan said.

He also emphasized that the revolution claimed by Syria rebels apparently allows them to commit such horrible crimes and hurt the feelings of both our Shi’ite and Sunni brothers everywhere.

“Is desecration of a holly tomb in agreement with the agenda of their alleged revolution? Does this act provide them genuine freedom and democracy?” al-Qattan asked.


The Lebanese political figure also described recent crime as the result of applying a prejudiced and isolating thought.

Referring to extremist rebels’ celebration after destruction of holy tomb, al-Qattan called such an act as religiously prohibited, saying that the foreign-backed insurgents did such violation of Islamic and religious sanctities after their heavy military defeat against the Syrian army.

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