Two Saudi officers arrested in Syria

Two Saudi officers arrested in Syria
Mon Apr 15, 2013 20:09:34

Syrian security forces have arrested two Saudi military officers who were in connection with Saudi intelligence services and cooperated with terrorist groups in Syria.

These two officers were arrested along with some other armed rebels during clashes in central al-Raqqa city.


The Saudi offices confessed that they were taking orders from Bandar Bin Sultan, a family member of Al Saud as well as the intelligence chief of Saudi Arabia.


According to the confessions, Saudi Arabia intelligence services were gathering the local tribal heads on a daily basis to prepare them to conduct a “big mission” within coming days.


Moreover, according the arrested militants, most of armed rebels are determined “to put down their arms and leave al-Raqqa and Syria soil”.


Syria has been facing with an armed insurgency since 2011 which has turned to be a magnet for foreign terrorist groups from other countries.

Syrian government which has suffered great losses in the conflict accuses foreign countries, especially Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey of backing the insurgency.

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