US, Saudi FMs set to arm Syrian rebels

US, Saudi FMs set to arm Syrian rebels
Mon Mar 4, 2013 18:35:11

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry met with his Saudi cunterpart Saud al-Faisal to ensure the arrival of arms to the Syrian militants.


In his joint press conference in Riyadh on Monday, Kerry said that the US government will continue the pressure on Bashar al-Assad and boost support to militants to oust Assad.

He said the totality of the US aid could be enough to change the situation on the ground.

Saud, whose country along with other Arab states is widely believed to be supplying weapons to the Syrian militants, stressed the importance of enabling the Syrian rebels to fight the Syrian government.

"Saudi Arabia will do everything within its capacity, and we do believe that what is happening in Syria is a slaughter, a slaughter of innocents", Saud claimed.

Kerry is in Saudi Arabia on the seventh leg of a marathon nine-nation dash through Europe and the Middle East on his first overseas trip as secretary of state.

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