7th Syrian peace talks ends stressing fight against terrorism

7th Syrian peace talks ends stressing fight against terrorism
Wed Nov 1, 2017 08:01:41

Seventh round of Syrian Peace Talks attended by all parties to the negotiations ended on Tuesday evening with a joint statement underlining Syria’s territorial integrity and fighting terrorism and extremism.


(IRNA) -- The event was attended by three guarantors of ceasefire including Iran, Russia and Turkey, Syrian delegations, oppositions of the Syrian government as well as observer members who gathered in Astana, capital of Kazakhstan. 
Foreign Minister of the host country Gheirat Abdelrahamanov read out the final statement in which the participants hoped that Syrian crisis will come to an end through a peaceful solution and in the benefit of the Syrian nation.
The joint statement said that as the guarantor countries, Iran, Russia and Turkey, urge the need for implementation of an agreement reached on May 4, 2017, to establish de-escalation zones and also emphasize on Syria’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence. 
They are also determined to fight terrorism, prevent extremism and avoid operations by Daesh and Al-Nusra Front, the statement said.
It also noted that the Syrian crisis has no military solution and should be solved through a political approach on the basis of UN Security Council’s Resolution 2254.
Parties to the crisis should prepare the ground for the Geneva talks to be held under the UN supervision, added the statement.
During the 7th round of the Syrian peace talks, the Russian Federation raised the idea of holding national dialogue and stressed the need for strengthening confidence and international support for such dialogues.
Participants of the 7th Astana talks decided to hold the eight round of their discussions later in December.

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