Democrats say Trump’s new Iran strategy ‘grave mistake’

Democrats say Trump’s new Iran strategy ‘grave mistake’
Sat Oct 14, 2017 10:54:54

US Congressional Democrats have blasted President Donald Trump’s decision not to recertify the 2015 multinational nuclear agreement with Iran, saying the new policy is “a grave mistake” that endangers US interests and undermines American credibility.

Press TV--  Trump’s decision Friday not to certify the deal for a third time immediately provoked the dismay of Democrats and signaled they would remain committed to protecting the deal that the US agreed to when it was struck in 2015 with Iran and other world powers.

“President Trump’s refusal to recertify is a grave mistake that threatens America’s security and our credibility at a very critical time,” House of Representatives Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said at a news conference Friday afternoon.

Pelosi, who represents California's 12th congressional district, argued that Iran has been in compliance with the agreement. "The president, I think, is being frivolous with this," she said.

Senator Ben Cardin, a ranking member on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, lashed out at Trump’s decision, calling it “dangerous.”

“This is one of the most dangerous and consequential decisions the President has made imperiling US national security.”

Senator Bob Menendez, a senior member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said that while he opposed the original nuclear, he believes Trump's decision to not recertify it is "more about campaign promises and less about our national security interests."

"Not certifying now does nothing but create uncertainty among our allies and embolden an already belligerent Iran," Menendez, one of most outspoken critics of Iran in the Senate, said in a statement.

Senator Chris Murphy said a war could be triggered in the Middle East or the Korean Peninsula if Trump terminates the deal.

"If the Iran agreement falls, war will become much more likely – both in the Middle East and on the Korean Peninsula – and American lives will be put at risk," Murphy said in a statement on Friday.

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