Trump slams Iran deal as 'incompetently drawn'

Trump slams Iran deal as 'incompetently drawn'
Thu Oct 12, 2017 09:53:27

President Donald Trump called the Iran deal "incompetently drawn" in an interview with Fox News on Wednesday night.

(CNN) -- "I think it was one of the most incompetently drawn deals I've ever seen," Trump told Fox News' Sean Hannity.

"$150 billion given -- we got nothing. They got a path to nuclear weapons very quickly, and think of this one -- $1.7 billion in cash -- this is cash out of your pocket. You know how many airplane loads that must be? Did you ever see a million dollars, like a promotion, where they have a million dollars in $100 bills? It's a lot. This is $1.7 billion," Trump said.

The State Department had announced in January 2016 that as part of a decades-old legal settlement, it would pay Iran $1.7 billion to settle a deal over the sale of military equipment from before the Iranian Revolution.

Settling the claim was part of the Obama administration's efforts to strike a larger nuclear deal with Iran, which ultimately came to fruition in summer 2016.

However, Trump was vocally opposed to the deal on the campaign trail and since taking office. Just last week, two senior US officials told CNN the President has plans to "decertify" the nuclear pact this week.

"So this is the worst deal," Trump said on Hannity on Wednesday night. "We got nothing. We got nothing."

In September, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani warned against the US backing out of the deal, and said the United States would pay a "high cost" if Trump exited the agreement.

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