US Congress sanctions bill violates JCPOA

US Congress sanctions bill violates JCPOA
Wed Jul 26, 2017 12:20:31

Iran’s Deputy FM Araghchi said Wed. that the US Congress sanctions bill on Iran is a “hostile move” and in "clear violation" of the nuclear deal.

(MNA) -- Speaking to reporters on Wednesday in reaction to US Congress’s sanctions bill on Iran, Deputy Foreign Minister for International and Legal Affairs Abbas Araghchi said Iran will prepare a response to the US hostile move. 

The US House of Representatives voted unanimously on Tuesday on a sanctions bill against Iran, Russia and North Korea. The Republican-controlled Senate passed an earlier version of the bill with near-unanimous support. The House added the North Korea measure, and the bill now needs to be passed by the Senate before ending up on president's desk for final approval.

Araghchi went on to add, “the new sanctions include non-nuclear issues but undermine the implementation of JCPOA provisions, and as such, the bill is inconsistent with the commitments under the nuclear deal.”

“The new sanctions are against the predicted obligations under the JCPOA,” he stressed.

To a question about Trump’s announcement on abrogating Iran’s commitment to JCPOA next time, Araghchi said “the US administration has confirmed Iran’s commitment to the nuclear deal twice in the past six months and has another chance to confirm it in three months.”