ISIS beheads Russian spy who infiltrated its ranks

ISIS beheads Russian spy who infiltrated its ranks
Tue May 9, 2017 08:48:54

On Monday, ISIS released a propaganda video showing the decapitation of an alleged Russian spy, warning others not to infiltrate its inner circles.

(AMN) -- Petrenko Afghene was said to be a Russian intelligence captain within ISIS ranks, gathering information on the terror group and secretly leaking it back to the Kremlin.

Previously, the Russian spy had infiltrated other jihadist groups in Syria, Turkey and the Caucasus on behalf of Moscow. While inside ISIS ranks, his main task was to befriend the late Omar Al-Shishani.

However, his cover was blown during the mission, prompting the ISIS to behead him for propaganda purposes. In characteristic ISIS fashion, the knife-wielding executioner was a countryman who also spoke in Russian.