Israel PM Tosses Hamas New Policy Document into Waste Basket

Israel PM Tosses Hamas New Policy Document into Waste Basket
Mon May 8, 2017 13:53:03

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has symbolically thrown into a bin a new policy paper issued by Hamas last week in which the Palestinian resistance movement accepts a Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders.

Hamas announced its new political roadmap, which accepts the establishment of an independent Palestinian state along the 1967 borders in the Qatari capital of Doha on May 1. The new document, however, underscores Hamas’s right to armed resistance against the Tel Aviv regime.

Following its announcement, the Tel Aviv regime referred to it as a smoke screen aimed at fooling the world.

Netanyahu, sitting behind his desk, crumpled what he said the “hateful document" into a ball and tossed it in a waste paper bin that he pulled up at the end of a 97-second video clip published on social media on Sunday.

During the video, he claimed that media outlets had been taken in by "fake news", accusing Hamas of lying to the world.

"The new Hamas document says that Israel has no right to exist, it says every inch of our land belongs to the Palestinians, it says there is no acceptable solution other than to remove Israel,” Netanyahu said, claiming the new policy aimed at destroying Israel.

The Palestinian resistance movement described Netanyahu’s action as a “racial behavior”.

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said on his Twitter the move is the act of weak people and proves the document’s strength and impact.

Hamas is a leading force in the fight against Israel, which has waged three wars against the Palestinian territory since 2007, killing thousands of people.

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