Watch An Iraqi Man Who Remembers How ISIS Execute His Family

Mon Jan 16, 2017 18:47:05

A man from Mosul spoke of his grief over the death of his son, nephew and wife, who had been murdered by Islamic State terror group (ISIS) terrorists.

Alalam - Iraq

At times almost incoherent with grief, Dennoun Younis, a resident of eastern Mosul, recalled how his son, who had been in the Iraqi Army, had been captured by the militants and executed along with his nephew in front of him.

He said his wife had also been killed by the militants, according to AP report.

Walking around his destroyed home, which he said had been ransacked by ISIS terrorists, he variously held up his son's death certificate, an old picture of his wife and himself, and a copy of the Holy Quran, crying and cursing the militants.

He also showed an ISIS video of his son being executed by the terrorists. He then stumbled outside where a group of Iraqi soldiers were celebrating a battle victory over ISIS. He joined them briefly, finally sitting down to smoke a cigarette.

Dennoun Younis, says: "My son was a soldier. He was with the people here (the army). They (ISIS) arrested him along with my nephew. He was held for 40 days. Then they executed both of them in front of my eyes. Because they said he was an apostate. They came to me and said - you are an apostate family, an infidel family. And I said, why? And they said because your son was a soldier. They brought cars and they started to clear out the house. I said, why are you taking my things? They told me because your son was a spy, a criminal, a soldier."

Dennoun Younis walking around house and says : "This is what's left from my orphaned children and grandchildren. God is the greatest. This is all that's left." 

Dennoun Younis re-entering room with picture of himself and his wifeand says, "They executed her (my wife). They executed her. They killed her. This is my wife and they killed her. They killed her. They executed my wife. What kind of Islam is this? What kind of religion is this?"

He says: "For God's sake. For the sake of this book (the Quran). My God. For the sake of Mohammed's religion and the holy Quran. May God destroy them, those infidels and traitors."

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