Russian, Hezbollah Sources Dismiss Clashes in Western Ghouta of Damascus

Russian, Hezbollah Sources Dismiss Clashes in Western Ghouta of Damascus
Thu Jan 5, 2017 14:02:34

Russian and Hezbollah sources rejected reports claiming that the latter has not allowed the Russian military officers to enter Wadi al-Bardi in Western Ghouta of Damascus.

"The reports saying that Hezbollah has prevented the Russian officers from entering Damascus countryside are fully incorrect," a Russian field source said on Thursday.

A Hezbollah field source also dismissed the reports, and said, "No Hezbollah forces are deployed in Wadi al-Bardi and the Syrian army forces are stationed in the region."

Al-Jazeera news channel earlier quoted sources as claiming that Hezbollah had blocked the Russian officers' arrival in Wadi al-Bardi.

Reports said on Wednesday that the Syrian army troops continued to advance against Fatah al-Sham Front (previously known as the al-Nusra Front) in Western Ghouta, capturing more positions in Wadi al-Bardi region.

The army men hit Fatah al-Sham's defense lines in the villages of Basimeh and Ein al-Fijeh, driving out militants of al-Tout farms, al-Tout square and the entire residential complexes in the village of Basimeh.

The army is trying hard to purge terrorists from Wadi al-Bardi region and reopen flow of drinking water to Damascus.

Reports said yesterday that the army troops allowed tens of militants to leave their positions in six towns and villages in Western Ghouta to be relocated to militant-held regions in Idlib province.

The sources said that after arrival of a number of green buses to Sa'asa'a region, at least 135 militants, who had not applied for government amnesty, along with their families were evacuated from the towns and villages of Sa'asa'a, al-Khazrajiyeh, Hasnou, Beir Timah, Kafr Hours and Beit Seber.

In the meantime, the government officials have given three days to militants in the towns of Yalda, Bebayla and Beit Saham in Southern Damascus to join the peace agreement.

Also, Damascus officials are carrying out final negotiations with the representative of militant groups in Beit Jin, Kanakar and al-Zakiyeh to take control of these towns without engagement in clashes, FNA reported.


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