Jordan Army Chief Says ISIL Militants Acquired Anti-Aircraft Missiles

Jordan Army Chief Says ISIL Militants Acquired Anti-Aircraft Missiles
Sun Jan 1, 2017 19:03:49

The head of Jordan's armed forces warned that ISIL may have acquired anti-aircraft missiles in the area bordering Syria and Israel.

Mahmoud Freihat said that ISIL held the missiles near the Golan Heights and that they were of unknown origin, New Arab reported.

"ISIL faction is a constant and close threat to Jordan," he said.

"Some of the areas its fighters are in are a kilometer away from the border."

ISIL may have acquired the missiles after they seized Russian armaments abandoned in Palmyra, or they could have been taken from Syrian militants that were armed by the United States; FNA reported.

According to Freihat, Jordan was taking an active role in training various militants in Syria and Iraq to fight against ISIL.

Freihat was appointed to his role by King Abdullah in October as part of a major shake-up of the country's military in favor of a younger and more tech-savvy command.

"The king wants the Jordanian Armed Forces to be a young, mobile, professional, digital army that uses the latest technology," said Aref Zabin, the former commander of special forces.


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