Third Day Anti Trump Protest by VIDEO & Pictures; US in Anger and Unrest

Sat Nov 12, 2016 10:56:51

Three days after Republican Donald Trump's surprise presidential election victory, many cities across US are scene of protest, anger, unrest and riots. According to calls for setting up protests in coming days, probably US will be in unrest in near future.

Hundreds gathered in New York's Washington Square Park to voice their discontent on Friday.Demonstrators holding signs reading "Love Will Always Trump Hate" and "Build Bridges Not Walls" gathered for a third day for a peaceful protest.

Chanting "Not My President" protesters marched through the streets and north on to Union Square.
Sizable protests sprung up this week in about a dozen major US cities, including Boston, Baltimore and San Francisco.

Demonstrations in Portland, Oregon, and Berkeley, California, turned violent where protesters clashed with police. Protests are scheduled for Saturday (Novemeber 12) in New York and Los Angeles, and a rally is planned for Washington on January 20, when the New York businessman is sworn in to succeed Barack Obama as President of the United States, activists said in a series of interviews.

In Minnesota, Colorado and Utah Hundreds of high school students walked out of class on Friday  afternoon to protest against Donald Trump. Around 250 Students from South High School in Minneapolis, Minnesota walked out of class and peacefully marched to the downtown area while holding up banners to protest against Trump's victory.

In Denver hundreds of students walked out of class for the second time this week holding up anti-Trump banners with some reading' NOT MY PRESIDENT' and made their way to the Gen X parking lot where they demonstrated peacefully as police looked on.

Scores of students from Kearns High School and Hunter High School in Taylorsville, Utah staged anti-Trump walk outs and marched on the streets while carrying Mexican, USA flags. Demonstrations in Portland, Oregon, and Berkeley, California, turned violent, with protesters setting fires and clashing with police.

Protesters cited a list of objections to Trump, including his campaign rhetoric critical of immigrants and Muslims, as well as allegations that he had sexually abused women and bragged about it.Trump has denied those allegations. Trump initially dismissed the crowds on Twitter, calling them "professional protesters, incited by the media," but later reversed course, saying he admired their "passion."

Some 59.5 million people voted for Trump, fewer than the 59.7 million who cast ballots for Clinton, but Trump's strong showing in swing states, including Michigan, earned him a decisive victory in the Electoral College that ultimately picks the president.



More anti Trump demonstrations were planned for the weekend. Trump takes office on Jan. 20, succeeding President Barack Obama.Also hundreds of anti-Trump protesters on Friday (November 11) evening marched in Miami, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia gathered to voice their discontent.

In Miami hundreds of protesters marched peacefully holding up anti-Trump banners with some reading' NOT MY PRESIDENT' and 'DUMP TRUMP' as police looked on.Hundreds of protesters marched through Portland, Oregon, on Friday in opposition to Donald Trump's presidential election win.

Spurred by fear and outrage, protesters around the country rallied and marched as they have done daily since Trump's victory.Some 4,000 protesters were in the streets of Portland on Friday night with chants like "we reject the US president-elect!

"The spirited demonstrations on college campuses and along downtown streets were mostly peaceful following previous outbreaks of window-smashing and fire-setting.

Evening marches disrupted traffic in Miami and Atlanta while people gathered for demonstrations in San Francisco and on Boston Common in what was billed as a rally for peace and love.Also hundreds of protesters marched through New York City .The protesters began their evening chanting anti-Trump slogans outside the Trump Tower, heavily guarded by security.

From there, they marched through Times Square and across the city. Spurred by fear and outrage, protesters around the country rallied and marched as they have done daily since Trump's victory.

Demonstrations also were planned on Saturday in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago and other areas.


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