After 12 Years; Palestinian President Says “I Know Arafat’s Killer”

After 12 Years; Palestinian President Says “I Know Arafat’s Killer”
Fri Nov 11, 2016 17:58:42

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said he knew who killed Yasser Arafat, as he marked the 12th anniversary of the former leader’s death, but stopped short of giving a name. Speaking in front of thousands in Ramallah, Abbas said, “You ask me who killed him, I know, but my testimony alone is not enough.”

“A commission of inquiry is digging into that, but you’ll find out at the earliest opportunity and be amazed when you know who did it,” he said.

Arafat died on November 11, 2004, at a hospital near Paris after his health deteriorated severely.

The Palestinian President pledged that 2017 will witness terminating the occupation through all possible means. “It has been 99 years since Balfour… He who does not own has made a promise to he who does not deserve,” he stated.

Abbas said, “Currently, we are discussing with Britain the reason why they did that to us… Britain should confess first of all that it did us wrong.”

He continued, “We want to prove that this is our land and Britain should be the first to admit that.” Abbas also hoped that the International Peace Conference, to be held by France, would succeed in determining a deadline for ending the occupation and finding a mechanism to implement what would be agreed upon.

The Palestinian President assured the attendees that he will return to the UN Security Council to achieve recognition of the Palestinian state and a denouncement of the settlement.

Abbas refused that Jerusalem (East Al Quds) be a capital of two countries. “When we talk about an independent Palestinian state, we can’t and will not forget that Quds is the capital of Palestine,” Asharg Al Awsat reported.