AMAZING VIDEO: What Was Bigfoot Photobomb in Live Eagles Nest-Cam?

Sun Oct 9, 2016 13:36:58

Two baby bald eagles were the stars of a Michigan live cam - until Bigfoot allegedly walked into the frame.

The mythological creature was supposedly caught walking through a forest in Beulah when it was caught on a camera filming the eaglets' nest.

At first the footage only shows the two cute chicks nestled in the twigs, until a dark figure on two legs comes barreling through the trees below.

The large figure pauses for a second and looks around before it begins to walk again, two 'big' feet clearly captured on the camera.

It makes its way through the trees and then appears to jump over a branch and down a slope, landing a few feet below before disappearing into the shadows.

The footage, believed to be filmed in the spring, was recently spotted by Carbon Media Group, which partnered with the Department of Natural Resources to install the cam.

It was then posted on YouTube, where many commenters claimed it was simply just a human playing a prank in an ape suit, Daily Mail reported.