Syrian Army, Popular Forces from Sweida Arrive in Golan Heights

Syrian Army, Popular Forces from Sweida Arrive in Golan Heights
Thu Sep 15, 2016 21:14:30

Syrian Army deployed a massive convoy of reinforcements from the Al-Sweida province to the Golan Heights after the militants mobilized more forces to launch multiple offensives in the border region.

According to a Syrian army source, the convoy that arrived in Golan Heights was made up of forces from the National Defense Forces (NDF), Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP), Druze fighters of Jaysh Al-Muwahiddeen, and the 5th Armored Division of Syrian Army, Al Masdar reported.

Most of the non-army reinforcements are volunteers from the Al-Sweida province that traveled to the Golan Heights to protect their people from the militants.

The militant groups suffered heavy losses in the Golan Heights after they launched three failed assaults to capture government-controlled villages in Quneitra.

"The army troops and popular forces fended off several terrorist attacks in Quneitra in Southwestern Syria in the last several days, inflicting heavy causalities on the Takfiri terrorists," the army said.

Based on reports, more than 65 terrorists, including top commanders, were killed and tens of other were wounded after pro-government forces repelled their attacks.

According to the reports, wounded terrorists continue to be taken from Quneitra battlefields to Israeli hospitals in the occupied Golan Heights, FNA reported.

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