VIDEO: Soldiers Carry out Live Fire Exercise in Desert with Multiple Rocket Launchers

Tue Aug 16, 2016 14:03:54

Chinese soldiers recently conducted a live fire exercise with multiple rocket launchers in the deep desert of northwest China.

During the exercise, the soldiers had to travel more than 3,000 kilometers in four days and three nights, overcoming the exhaustion and obstacles brought about by the harsh environment.

“It's a bit difficult. First, we are all tired after traveling for a long period of time. Second is the environment. There are strong winds and high temperatures in the desert. This also tests the capabilities of our weapons,” said Zha Jun, a soldier.

To get accustomed to the environment, soldiers set up their facilities immediately after reaching their destination and searched for targets.

The soldiers eventually had to transfer to another location as they were exposed after the first round of attacks. During the relocation, the attacked soldiers with chemical weapons.

When the soldiers occupied their positions again, they found that almost escaped the attack range of the rocket launchers, so the soldiers seized the opportunity to hit the target.

S/SH 11

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