Al-Alam News Network’s Exclusive Front Footage from South of Syria’s Aleppo

Sun Aug 7, 2016 18:05:08

While denying the claims of the terrorists’ control over al-Hamdania region and cutting off the road leading to Aleppo, Al-Alam News Network Chief Correspondent Hussein Mortada emphasized that terrorists pursue the psychological war and aim to create fear among citizens.

“Terrorist groups are now in the region of Al-Ramoosa. This area is a common area between the two sides for military operations, and Syrian army’s positions in areas close to the countryside is being established”, Al-Alam News Network Chief Correspondent Hussein Mortada added.

“The passage that terrorist groups claim to have opened it is a military one that is under fire from the Syrian army. It is not possible to pass through it or not according to their claims to the Aleppo campaign”, Al-Alam TV’s reporter pointed.

“Syrian Army’s artillery destroyed all buildings in College in order to prevent terrorist groups move. Reports indicate that hundreds of terrorists have been killed and the clashes are still ongoing,” Hussein Mortada said.

“All that terrorist groups are doing is just bombarding the area. Urban areas, including a mosque, were among the targets of the attack to scare the people,” Al-Alam TV’s correspondent added.

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