13,000 People Killed in Yemen

Arab NGO to Sue Saudi Arabia over Yemen War

Arab NGO to Sue Saudi Arabia over Yemen War
Wed Jul 27, 2016 18:13:17

The Egypt-based Middle East Organization for Development and Human Rights (MEODHR), in cooperation with other international legal entities, is launching a campaign to prosecute Saudi Arabia over the war in Yemen.

“We are working closely with several local and international organizations to gather enough evidences that document the criminal Saudi war on Yemen”, the organization’s president, Abdullah Allao, said in a press conference.

“The Saudi invasion has so far killed more than 13,000, and wounded at least 25,000 others in Yemen”, he added.

The campaign aims at enhancing the UN’s mechanisms and the roles of human rights organizations worldwide to bring to justice those who violated human rights and massacred Yemenis.


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