CCTV Camera: Russian Guard Takes down CIA Spy, VIDEO Allegedly Shows

Fri Jul 8, 2016 08:15:07

Footage has emerged showing a Russian guard wrestling down an American diplomat and alleged CIA spy before he enters the US embassy in the Russian capital Moscow.

The video, released Thursday by video news agency Ruptly, shows the guard tacking the man to the ground.

Apparently shot from a CCTV camera across the street, the video shows a Taxi pulling off in front of the embassy and the man jumping out.

After being taken down by the guard, the man apparently struggles to enter the embassy by dragging himself on the ground but is faced with resistance from the guard.

There was no more information or any official confirmation of the footage as the motive for the attack also remained unclear.

Citing US officials, the Washington Post said the incident occurred on June 6, adding that the guard was with Russian Federal Security Service (FSB).

The report alleged that the diplomat suffered a broken shoulder, among other injuries, and was later flown out of Russia and back to the United States.

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