VIDEO: Daesh Terrorists Killed and Injured 63 Shiite Pilgrims in Baghdad in Iraq

Mon May 2, 2016 20:32:53

An explosives-laden car detonated on Monday in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, killing at least 18 Shiite pilgrims and wounded 45 others who were commemorating the anniversary of the Martyrdom of a revered imam, officials said.

Shortly after the explosion, the Sunni terrorist so-called Islamic State (ISIS , ISIL , IS and Daesh) group, which persecutes Shiite Muslims as apostates, claimed responsibility for the attack in an online statement.

"Haider Hussein, Eyewitness and pilgrim says: ''At 12 noon (0900 GMT) an explosives-laden car exploded here while Shiite pilgrims were praying. The blast killed or wounded several people. The injured were taken to al-Yarmouk hospital."

It said the assault was carried out by a suicide bomber, but Iraqi officials denied that. ISIS terrorist frequently target commercial areas and public spaces in mainly Shiite towns and neighbourhoods.

According to an Iraqi police officer, the car was parked in Baghdad's southwestern Saydiyah neighbourhood and blew up shortly after midday. The explosion killed at least 18 and wounded 45 people, the officer said.

Tens of thousands of Shiite faithful have been making their way this week to the northern Baghdad neighbourhood of Kadhimiyah, where the 8th century Imam Moussa al-Kadhim is buried.


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