First VIDEO of Two FSB Secret Vehicles Used in Anti-Terror OP in Dagestan

Sat Apr 16, 2016 18:29:00

The latest Production of Russian armored engineering have been deployed by Russian special forces during an anti-terrorist operation in Dagestan. The “Falkatus” and “Tiger” assault vehicles, which were top secret until only recently, were finally caught in action.

The special operation conducted on the outskirts of Makhachkala earlier this week resulted in the neutralization of three members of a terrorist cell. But besides this feat, the world received its first glimpse of two Russian armored multipurpose SUVs that military enthusiasts and bloggers have been speculating about for years.

The newly-modified Tiger assault armored vehicle is equipped with a turret which offers a 360 degree view. “Tiger” was designed specifically for the Federal Security Service (FSB) Special Forces for assault operations in dense urban areas.

Tiger comes with a more powerful engine and additional armor. New communications and life support installations were added for the convenience of servicemen and its driver.

In addition to “Tiger” the footage also shows the Falkatus armored vehicle in action, whih was previously known as the “Punisher.” No one knows the exact characteristics of the new top secret vehicle, but experts believe that it can comfortably accommodate 10 people.

The car allows soldiers to sit back to back to provide all-round visibility. All doors are fitted with narrow viewing windows while the roof over the troop compartment has a circular hatch, which many observers speculate could be used to install a weapon, if necessary under specific battle conditions, RT reports.

The V-shaped body that has been compared to the Batmobile has armored glass windows and windshield to better dissipate blast waves from explosions. The car is also fitted with Class 6a armor for better ballistic protection. The vehicle also has firing openings in the sides and rear doors.

It is said that "Falkatus" has double-axle chassis, similar to the rally race version that "KAMAZ" uses in the Dakar rally. There is even speculation that "KAMAZ" rally driver and seven time Dakar champion, Vladimir Chagin, was involved in a test driving project.

It is also believed that several modifications of the machine, each of which is different from the other, has already been built. As the specifications of “Falcatus” remain secret, bloggers believe that the 12 ton vehicle has 730 horsepower under the hood which allows it to reach speeds of up to 200 kmh.

The “Falcatus” made its debut to the public when President Vladimir Putin inspected the FSB’s latest special operation vehicles in Moscow in February.

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