Iraqi Army to Receive New Batch of US F-16 Jets Soon

Iraqi Army to Receive New Batch of US F-16 Jets Soon
Wed Feb 3, 2016 18:05:21

Iraq's Ministry of Defense has announced on Tuesday the arrival of a new batch of US F16 fighter jets in the near future.

The ministry said in a statement followed by, “The Air Force Commander Lt. Gen. Anwar Hamad Amin received, at noon today, a new batch of F16 fighter jets that arrived to one of the Iraqi air bases.”

The ministry added, “This batch is one of a series of batches that will reach Iraq in the near future based on the contract concluded between the Republic of Iraq and the United States.”

The Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee revealed in the ninth of November 2015, that Iraq will receive another five F-16 jets soon based on its contract with the United States, Czech Republic and South Korea, while pointed out that this agreement will enable Iraq to dispense the international coalition warplanes.


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