Syrian Army Pounds ISIS in Homs and Aleppo

VIDEO: Key Heights near Turkish Border under Syrian Army Control

Tue Oct 27, 2015 17:17:39

In continuation of the Syrian army large-scale offensive on terrorist groups, Syrian troops take control of key heights near the Turkish border.

The government troops supported by local fghters attacked ISIS positions in the Homs and the Aleppo provinces, liberating two villages to the north of Homs and five villages to the south of Aleppo, Brigadier General Ali Mayhoub told Sputnik News.

"As a result of the attacks on the militants' positions, dozens of terrorists have been killed or wounded," Mayhoub said.

"Our armed forces have also carried out combat missions in the Salma-Joub al-Ahmar area [near the Turkish border], taking control of key heights," the general added.

Also the Syrian army repelled an ISIL counter-attack in the Deir ez-Zor province, he said.Moreover, the Syrian Air Force destroyed ISIL headquarters in the provinces of Homs and Idlib.

In October, the Syrian army, with Russian air support, started to advance to the east and north, pushing the front line further away from Latakia and freeing more villages from terrorists.

On September 30, Russia began to conduct pinpoint airstrikes at terrorist positions in Syria at President Bashar Assad's request.


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