Killing by Stone; not Stoning to Death, New Method of ISIS Evils

Killing by Stone; not Stoning to Death, New Method of ISIS Evils
Wed Apr 1, 2015 16:14:54

ISIS terrorist member in Mosul kills a 40 years old man by stone in public because he shows disobedience from ISIS orders.

According to local sources in Nineveh province, ISIS evils in public rocking this man by stone till he died.

It seems this kind of execution is newest method of ISIS for killing inocent people.

After killing poor man ISIS member patrolling in the city and announce everybody show disobedience from their orders or do action against their military bases, would be killed such a way.

In a video published some days ago shows ISIS fighters cutting off the heads of eight men said to be Shiite Muslims.

Violence in this video is so severe that remember us ISIS supporters claim 'hugest video yet' will soon be released by media arm responsible for most 'horrific' ISIS propaganda video.

The video posted on social media past Sunday, said the eight men were beheaded in the central Syrian province of Hama.


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