Israel's 'worst nightmare' is Obama: Edward Corrigan

Thu Dec 18, 2014 17:26:29

Israel’s worst nightmare is an American president, who is not pressured by the powerful Zionist lobby and can act without any restraints, says a political commentator.

Following the midterm elections in the United States, there is no real constraint on US President Barack Obama or the US administration, Edward Corrigan told Press TV on Wednesday.

“The Israelis are always afraid of an American president that they don’t have any leverage over who’s in his final term, there’s no elections, he really could do whatever he wants,” Corrigan said.

He argued Israel’s worst nightmare is that they will have no constraints on Obama with regard to political pressure from the pro-Israel lobby.

According to a poll released on Monday, the relationship between the United States and Israel is in a crisis and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has harmed those ties.

Nearly 62 percent of Israelis said “yes” when asked if there was a crisis in US-Israel ties, while 22.8 percent said the relations were “stable and good,” according to the poll that was commissioned by J Street, a pro-Israel lobby group in Washington.

The poll found that 60.4 percent of Israelis think Netanyahu’s regime has “harmed” US-Israeli ties, while 9.8 percent said he has “strengthened” them. About16 percent said he had no influence on the relationship.

An equal number of respondents in the survey said Obama and Netanyahu are both equally responsible for the crisis.

Israeli media reported earlier this month that senior US officials were considering imposing sanctions on Israel to halt its illegal settlement activities on occupied Palestinian territories, including East al-Quds (Jerusalem).



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