VP: Iran Ready to Export High-Tech Products to Russia

VP: Iran Ready to Export High-Tech Products to Russia
Sat Nov 1, 2014 11:36:16

Iranian Vice-President for Science and Technology Affairs Sorena Sattari announced that the country is prepared to export various types of high-technology products to Russia.

In a meeting with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkadiy Vladimirovich Dvorkovich and Minister of Education and Science Dmitriy Viktorovich Livanov in Russia on Friday, Sattari touched upon the Islamic Republic’s achievements in the area of technology and voiced the country’s willingness to export high-tech products to Russia.

He also called for the formation of a joint working group on education and science, which would work under the supervision of the high-ranking Iranian and Russian officials.

The Russian deputy prime minister, for his part, described mutual cooperation between the two countries in various fields of technology as “important”, and said Russia is keen to cooperate with Iran in the construction of equipment used in the electricity and oil industries, as well as modern cars.

Dvorkovich said that Russia is also ready to boost mutual cooperation with Iran in the areas of aerospace engineering, scientific and academic research, as well as the construction of gas turbines.

During the meeting, Livanov also said that his country is ready to allocate more scholarships to the Iranian university students, who want to study in Russia.