Retreat of fearful Zionist settlers near Gaza border

Retreat of fearful Zionist settlers near Gaza border
Sat Aug 9, 2014 15:13:00

Nearly half of the Zionist settlers residing near the Gaza border have reportedly fled their homes in the occupied territories in recent weeks, expressing fears and doubts about the prospect of a safe return to the area.

During the period, hundreds of Israeli families have left the Negev desert, which has long been a tourist attraction, to the northern areas, the Los Angeles Times reported on Friday.

A poll this week revealed that 21 percent of the residents in the area are considering moving away.

Despite the Israeli army’s announcement to the residents of the area after the latest cease-fire with Hamas that they can return to their homes, the communities are reportedly still half-empty.

The Israeli regime on Friday resumed pounding the Gaza Strip, shortly after the expiry of a 72-hour truce between Tel Aviv and Hamas.

The developments came after indirect talks in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, failed to extend the ceasefire.

A senior Hamas official has said the group would not extend the truce because Israel has not responded to any of the Palestinian demands at the negotiations.

Israeli tanks have started to redeploy to their previous positions during the Gaza war.

Thousands of Palestinians were fleeing their homes east of Gaza City on Friday in fear of Israeli attacks after the truce ended.

The Israeli military aggression against Gaza, which began on July 8, has claimed the lives of more than 1,900 Palestinians, including more than 400 children, and wounded over 9,500 others. Palestinian resistance movements have retaliated with launching rockets into Israel.


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