Abbas: No peace with Israel until all prisoners are free

Abbas: No peace with Israel until all prisoners are free
Tue Dec 31, 2013 10:11:59

Acting Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has vowed to the 18 released prisoners who arrived in Ramallah that he would not rest until all prisoners are free.

Abbas warmly greeted and embraced early Tuesday the freed men as they arrived at the Presidential compound and reportedly announced to the buzzing crowd that "there would be no final agreement (with Israel) until all prisoners were in their homes."

The release the third segment of releasing Palestinian prisoners, a precondition for ongoing peace talks between the Israelis and Palestinians.
Two batches of 26 Palestinian prisoners were freed earlier in August and October.

Tel Aviv had said 104 Palestinians would be freed in stages following the start of the negotiations on July 30.

More than 4,500 Palestinian prisoners are held in Israeli prisons, many of them without charge or trial.


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