Abbas rejects US security plan for occupied lands

Abbas rejects US security plan for occupied lands
Fri Dec 13, 2013 19:17:07

The Palestinians rejected US proposals for Israel to keep a military presence in Palestinian occupied lands, as US Secretary of State John Kerry Friday wrapped up his latest peace push.

Kerry, on his way to Vietnam, made a stop in al-Quds and the West Bank city of Ramallah in a bid to promote his security plans for Palestinian occupied lands in his second visit in less than a week.

On Thursday night he met Palestinian Authority Chief Mahmud Abbas and on Friday Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu before leaving snow-hit al-Quds for Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv, media reported.

"I'm delighted to be here. I'm on my way to Asia, heading to Vietnam and the Philippines, which is a long-promised trip," Kerry told reporters as he went into his talks with Netanyahu.

"But I wanted to come through here in an effort to try to continue our important discussions.

"It's been constructive. It's always complicated," he said.

"We have a lot to talk about, and we will continue this process."

War Minister Moshe Yaalon had also been due to attend the Kerry-Netanyahu talks, but his spokesman told AFP the weather prevented him from doing so.

After meeting Kerry in Ramallah, Abbas rejected US proposals for Israel to keep troops in Palestinian occupied lands along its strategic border with Jordan.

Abbas also handed Kerry a letter laying down "Palestinian red lines", a Palestinian source said on Friday.

Abbas "rejected the ideas on security because there is not a third party".

This refers to a plan by former US national security adviser James Jones under which a third party would deploy along the Palestinian-Jordanian border.


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